Russian Defense Ministry mixed American "Patriot" with mud

American Patriot systems were called the worst air defense systems in the world.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation criticized the American Patriot air defense and missile defense systems, calling them completely hopeless weapons that have nothing to do with the declared capabilities.

“The question is, how could such a really powerful air defense system miss dozens of drones and cruise missiles? There can be only one reason: the Patriot and Aegis ADS advertised by the Americans do not correspond to the declared characteristics - they have low effectiveness in the fight against small-sized air targets and cruise missiles ”, - quotes a source in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation the Russian news agency TASS.

Independent experts also noted the complete futility of the American Patriot missile and air defense systems, stressing that during the attack by the Yemeni rebels, while the United States continues to blame Iran for the incident, not a single cruise missile, nor a single drone were destroyed.

“During the incident in Saudi Arabia, the American Patriot systems showed zero efficiency. Not a single target was hit, but it could not even be found, although the size of the same cruise missile is about 3,5 meters. ”, - the expert marks.

For strangers the same thing, not a royal thing.

One true information at least made its way from the hordes of lies that they write here

Or maybe the Patriot doesn’t hit in its own way?