The Russian Defense Ministry reported on suspicious US activity in Syria against the background of information about the break of agreements with Russia

The Russian military records the suspicious activity of the American army in the eastern part of Syria.

Against the background of the emergence of information that the United States intends to withdraw from the agreements with Russia on Syria in the near future, which means the fact that the American military will no longer notify the Russian side of its actions on the territory of the Arab Republic, it became known that the Russian military noticed suspicious US activity in the eastern part of the Arab republic. The situation demonstrated by the American military indicates that Washington can indeed withdraw from the agreements and begin to act harshly both in relation to Syria itself and in relation to the Iranian military stationed in it, as well as, obviously, Russia.

"The increase in the intensity of air transportation of military cargo and ground movements of military equipment convoys of the coalition forces is of concern.", - representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation report.

Recently it became known that the United States began to deploy its Patriot air defense systems in Syria, which, obviously, may indicate US attempts to re-occupy the northern part of the Arab Republic and try to take control of the central part of Syria, although there are no official comments from the side The Pentagon and Washington did not do this on this score.

Analysts draw attention to the fact that the US withdrawal from the agreements will only increase the opposition to the American military from Russia.