Russian Defense Ministry reported the attack of NATO ships on Russian radar

NATO ships attacked Russian air defense systems.

Today in the afternoon, the TASS news agency, referring to the data of the National Center for Defense Management of the Russian Federation, reported that the North Atlantic Alliance ships conducting exercises in the Baltic Sea, at a relatively short distance from the Russian territorial waters, used electronic jamming against the Russian radar and air defense and missile defense systems.

“According to the National Center of Statistics, in the southern part of the Baltic Sea, participants in the North Atlantic Alliance maneuvers of the North Atlantic Alliance work out practical episodes related to the suppression of radar and radio navigation systems, - informs news agency.

According to information provided by the National Center for Defense Management, the Russian units monitor the situation.

“To identify threats to navigation safety to civilian ships associated with the use of NATO warfare equipment by NATO ships, used by the units of the Baltic Fleet, monitoring the radio-electronic situation in the exercise area”- said in the message.

Remarkable is the fact that the NATO military exercises zone seriously restricts the exit of Russian military and civilian ships from territorial waters, as previously reported.

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What can you say an idiot !!! Or navnenok not finished !!! You even read sometimes, when you look at the article !!! The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation did not indicate that our systems were suppressed, it indicated the difficulty of civilian ships and part of the ships of the Russian Navy !!! it is completely different, you are our Pentagon tuzik, you are our friend, the Ear of the Pentagon and the leader of the Broom !!!

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According to Arab information sources, the Israeli Air Force struck, using F-16 aircraft during the operation. It is also reported that before the launch of the missiles, Israel blinded Syria's air defense, after conducting actions to ensure electronic security. Tel al-Hara is one of three sites in Syria that make up the so-called "triangle of death." At one time, the base of the radio intelligence intelligence of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Russia was located there. It was a joint object of the GRU and the Syrian army ",

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Where does it say that our systems were suppressed? And who gave it in the face?
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What kind of panic ?! Apparently vladimirvlasov2014 did not have to work (to carry out the combat mission) under the conditions of electronic countermeasures from NATO. Such a state of affairs (combat work in the conditions of radio-electronic interference) is a normal phenomenon. This is the real struggle, not the SOUND!

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Excuse me, but where is it written that they have suppressed our systems?
Applied, yes. But it is written that our watch the situation.
So they did not suppress, but gave our opportunity to check
once again their capabilities. Range of their systems
the nature of the impact, etc. etc.

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