For the first time, the Russian Ministry of Defense demonstrated the unique capabilities of Iskander missiles

The Russian tactical missile OTRK Iskander turned out to be impossible to destroy by any of the existing air or missile defense systems in the world, the reason for which is the maneuvering of the missile in the event that enemy air defense / missile defense systems are aimed at it, which was demonstrated by the corresponding video frames.

On the video footage published by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, you can see that after the missile is guided and launched, the latter not only does not behave "logically", but also soars up sharply - even one air defense system is unlikely to be able to respond to such a maneuver, which, experts, and associated with the "self-defense" of a tactical missile.

“We are talking about colossal overloads, and taking into account the missile's flight speed, the probability that it will be intercepted by at least one of the currently existing air defense systems is practically zero. Obviously, the demonstration of these capabilities is aimed as a warning to NATO that in the event of new escalations, Russian Iskanders will appear right on the border of the alliance, and in this case, NATO will have real problems, "the expert notes.

Earlier it became known that the Russian tactical missile OTRK "Iskander" possesses high maneuverability, however, experts did not suspect about such capabilities, which, by the way, is almost certainly not the only secret of Russian weapons.

Or maybe she was just defective?