Russian Defense Ministry first reported risk of massive Taliban attack

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed the risk of clashes with Taliban terrorists.

For the first time, representatives of the Russian defense department confirmed the high probability of a terrorist invasion Taliban (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) from Afghanistan to the territory of the SCO countries. Information on this matter was announced by the commander of the Central Military District, Alexander Lapin, noting that the risks are very high and, above all, this is due to the actions of the United States, since Washington not only did not prevent the threat, but, in fact, became the reason for the seizure of the whole state by terrorists ...

"The end of the US military operation in Afghanistan led to a sharp jump in the terrorist threat in our common Eurasian space"- said Lapin.

Obviously, it is for this reason that Russia conducted large-scale military exercises on the territory of Tajikistan, as well as began the transfer of modern military equipment to this region.

“It is quite obvious that the Taliban terrorists will not be able to oppose anything to Russia, but there remains a very serious risk for Russian allies. Even if we assume that thousands of Taliban will go into the attack, the forces of the latter will be destroyed in less than an hour. To do this, Russia has enough tanks, missiles and combat and tactical aviation ", - emphasizes the specialist.