Defense Ministry reported the reason for refusal from the purchase of aircraft SSJ-100

Ministry of Defence called the reason for refusal from the purchase of aircraft SSJ-100.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense mulling plans to buy Russian aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet 100 to replace outdated aircraft of Soviet production, however, on the eve of the day the decision was made to abandon this approach, and, as later explained in the Defense Ministry, is due this primarily with the poor state of most military airfields.

It is pointed out that the most suitable option for the Defense Ministry planes are late Soviet period Tu and An-214-148, however, the final decision on this issue is that there is, in this connection, it is possible and other options.

And Tu334 already have a certificate of airworthiness, nothing should be finished

Novel! Upgrade old this is not a utopia, for example Boing747. A lyapat semi-finished products is a utopia. In our company we received 10 SSJ100 and can not tell what it is "good".

Are you an expert in the field of aviation, you know better than to engines to be installed?

Garbage talk. All this plane is normal, but the upgrade old this is utopia. All that could be modernized - modernized (IL-76, 204-Tu, Il-96), and such as the Tu-134, 154, IL-62, 24,26-An is already old, their glider no longer meets modern requirements. For the Ministry of Defense need their planes like the Tu-134,154 but more modern. In this case, there is Tu-334, but it must be refined.

Superjet 100 perhaps the worst draft of the domestic aviation industry. Attach so much money and not to bring the aircraft to the condition just a crime. How was SJ100 semi-finished and ostalsya.A because we had a lovely reliable machines whose production was suspended for obvious reasons. And if you invest in SJ100 spent on the modernization of Yak, Tu and Il we would reserve Russia covered the need for passenger aircraft and would not be dependent on the West. It's a shame a pancake.

YYO Defense Ministry did not take ever, it spares enemy 90%

With these engines it nizkovisyaschimi potentsialnoopasnaya mashina.O than thinking designers and any acceptance of the commission? Here we must compel them to fly on these coffins.

Sukhoi Superjet only 20% Russian aircraft, so right that they refused.