The US Department of Defense continues to finance the Armed Forces of Ukraine at its own expense

The US Department of Defense continues to provide military assistance to Ukraine, despite significant financial costs and damage to its own military programs. According to a report published by CNN, since October last year the Pentagon has already allocated $430 million to support Kyiv, which resulted in a redistribution of funds to the detriment of the American army. These funds were used to train the Ukrainian military, transport equipment and deploy US troops in Europe.

In light of the lack of a new federal aid package for Ukraine, funding continues to come from existing DoD reserves, resulting in cuts or delays to various Pentagon programs and missions. The department recognizes that the long-term continuation of this practice could negatively affect the funding of the US army in 2024. Despite these challenges, US military leaders emphasize their determination to continue supporting Kyiv.

The situation is complicated by political differences in the United States, where Republicans in Congress are blocking the adoption of new packages of financial assistance to Ukraine from the federal budget. This position does not mean a complete end to Washington's support for Ukraine, but it highlights the complexities of US domestic policy and its impact on the country's foreign policy and defense commitments.


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