US Department of Defense announces drone attack with explosives during Biden's inauguration

The US Department of Defense announced a possible attack of drones with explosives during the inauguration of Joe Biden.

The US Department of Defense is considering the likelihood of a large-scale aerial attack during Joe Biden's inauguration, using unmanned aerial vehicles. According to The New York Times, the radicals intend to use small drones that will try to attack the guests attending Joe Biden's inauguration as US President.

“One senior Pentagon official described the security situation as 'unprecedented' as far-right extremists continue to plot on online platforms. Another Defense Department official said law enforcement was planning any number of possible events, some of which were dire. Worst-case scenarios include snipers targeting officials, suicide planes entering Washington's restricted airspace, and even remote-controlled drones attacking crowds. Officials said they were particularly concerned about the simultaneous occurrence of multiple situations with an active shooter. "- сообщает The New York Times, citing the Pentagon.

Given the information that appeared on this score, experts note that the tension in the United States only did not subside, but increased even more, for which, by the way, Trump is definitely to blame, who initially demanded that his supporters support him, later called for mass protests. and ultimately blamed them for misunderstanding him.

Today, there are several thousand American troops in Washington, and additional air defense systems have been deployed in the vicinity of the American capital.

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