Hulusi Akar


Turkish Defense Ministry: S-400 will be used against Syria and Russia

In Turkey, gathered to use the S-400 against Syria and Russia.

The head of the Turkish Ministry of Defense, Hulusi Akar, unexpectedly raised the issue of deploying S-400 air defense systems in the country, emphasizing that in spring these systems will be put on full combat alert, which does not exclude their use against Syria and Russia.

"Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar:" The S-400 will undoubtedly be deployed. " It seems that Turkey wants to protect its troops from the Russian Air Force and the Syrian Air Force using a Russian-made S-400 missile system. ”, - the resource "Syria Civil War Map" reports.

Earlier, experts have already reported that the supply of Russian S-400s to Turkey’s armament can pose very serious risks for Russian allies in the region and for Russia itself, and against the background of the aggravation of the military situation in Syria, Turkey may indeed begin to use S-400 in order to hit aerial targets over the Arab Republic.

On the other hand, analysts draw attention to the fact that if Ankara really decides to take such a step, very tough measures on the part of Russia will await it.

“Turkey can shoot down targets over its territory - this does not bother Russia at all. But as soon as Turkey tries to hit a Russian plane over Syria, the response of the Russian military will be the toughest, including the use of a massive strike by Caliber cruise missiles at the Turkish S-400 positional area - without covering other air defense systems, Triumph simply can’t hit all targets ", - the expert notes.

It should be clarified that a few hours ago, Turkish troops tried to bring down the Russian Su-24 bomber.

This is a theatrical performance on a global scale, you take for the truth. Everything is much simpler, people in this game are just pawns and the life of a child or adult, in this game it costs nothing. After many years, a person who has come to power loses a sense of connection with the people, but is very pleased with his surroundings. And on this, it ends. AND YOU BRUTE?

And the system codes were given to Israel, most likely even during the manufacturing period. Something The Israelis bombed Syria more than once, bypassing our air defense. This is not a war, a wild theatrical performance, which for Russia can end very badly. Even the guarantor agreed with Obama on this. A Ryzhik Amerovsky in the know

What about an unremovable friend or foe system?

Interesting. Did our power structures envisage the very demolition of the S-400 in case of extreme situations? those. application of this system against Russia?

Long live our far-sighted field marshals !!!

what did you think? so sell your latest weapons to everyone in a row !!!

Erdogan declared that he would fill Russia with tomatoes and where are his tomatoes?
You can’t believe.

"East is a delicate matter of Petruch,
East, that moody old woman! "

I found someone to scare))))) In all complexes, a self-liquidation system is provided))))) Actually, it is designed to be a "fool", but why, in this situation, Erdogan and his minister are big captain stars - not fools ??? In general, it’s time to return to the Kurdish options and help the Kurds to create a Kurdistan in Eastern Turkey.

Will shoot! This is an export option. His "friend or foe" will not determine the aircraft of the Russian aerospace forces

Turks were not when they were not friends of Russia. East is a delicate matter.

And tourists say ay-ay-ay to visit Turkey. Here we scare the Turks, they are shaking after our measures for the downed fighter.

Dreams We do not have resignations.


The first place in the world in income is occupied by the income from the arms trade. This is the profit they receive. This is obviously not the budget of the Russian Federation.

and who will allow to take away Turkish property?

Now is the time to buy American Patriots ...

They came up with the rules, sold them systems to bomb them themselves, but here we must remember that these systems were sold on credit, which was allocated by our Ministry of Finance!

the most unreliable friends.

There will probably be resignations. Who sold them these installations?

Export variations of the S-400 are useless against hypersonic daggers. We will destroy their S-400, and they will continue to pay us a loan for the supply of hehe: D Refuse to pay - we will begin to take away Turkish property around the world

S-400 will not fire on Russian aircraft. :)

The benefit of experience in this matter can be said great!

Well really!? When Russia "made friends" with Turkey, with the country of the Middle East and held Syria, of course, Turkish cunning, unpredictability and cruelty are foreseen, which for every cunning ... is ...

Did the GRU really not guess to install special ICs on the complexes with the ability to remotely control the complex))) I don’t think that everything comes to a retaliatory strike there it will be easier

The export version of the C-400 has reduced performance, just for this case.

We answer asymmetrically, block the tomatoes!

Blessed is he who believes ...
But I agree that a little not quite s-400, I would even say very little.

I consider the sale of such weapons to potential enemies of the country, this is sloppiness and a crime in the pursuit of profit

How right was Zhirinovsky when he said do not believe the Turks, they always betrayed ... Then it was a question of selling the S-400 to the Turks

with 400 sold to the Turks, not quite with 400, but you can say not with 400, in general

I propose to re-equip the Turkish partners with "Caliber" and "Vanguard"

The main thing is that our pilot would survive and the Turks have time to pay for the supply of C400.

Turkey does not understand the elementary things that in case of attempts to attack the RF Armed Forces with the S-400, the latter will be destroyed, as they say, "in one gulp."

do you think that when selling c400 we removed from it our alien program our turkish and russian planes there true turks don’t guess about our planes

with our weapons and for us

Well, what should they lose, they have not yet settled. Destroy the Turkish s400 and okay, they do not care.