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Turkish Defense Ministry: Turkish troops will be in Karabakh for at least a year, whether Russia wants it or not

Turkey has declared that Russian interests in Karabakh are not important for Turkey.

The Turkish Defense Ministry completely ignored the arguments of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about Ankara's non-participation in stabilizing the situation in Karabakh, sending its troops here for a period of one year. According to Turkish media reports, Ankara will take an active part in resolving the situation in the region, regardless of Russia's position, since all issues are agreed with Baku.

“The Turkish military will stay on the territory of Azerbaijan for a year. They will be involved in a joint center with the Russian Federation to monitor the implementation of agreements to end the armed confrontation in Nagorno-Karabakh. This information was reported on Sunday by the Turkish Defense Ministry. On the eve of the Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar announced the transfer of troops to Azerbaijan in the near future, the units of the ground forces have already completed preparations for redeployment to Azerbaijani territory ", - the network edition "Russian Dialogue" informs about it.

It is not known to what extent Ankara's actions with Moscow are coordinated, however, experts express the opinion that the presence of the Turkish military in the region can only lead to an escalation of the conflict.

“The way Turkey behaves in Karabakh raises a number of doubts as to whether Moscow has any influence over Ankara. Given the relations between Turkey and Armenia, the situation can easily lead to a new conflict, especially considering the fact that Turkey likes to create provocations. ", - emphasizes specialist

If Turkish interests are not interesting for Russia, then the rights of sovereign Azerbaijan are also not interesting ...? Meaning the Russian army in the territory of Azerbaijan as occupants. For Russia there is no justice, legality, good-faith attitude, respect for the sovereignty of other states. Russia does not act as great but as strong in front of small states. Logic, Russia is not fair - aggressive weak states do this.

Timur, here is the official statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry - "... the zone of responsibility of the Russian contingent of peacekeepers is becoming the line of demarcation of Armenian and Azerbaijani forces, as well as the 5-kilometer Lachin corridor linking Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. ... "
As for the rest, Russia did not plan to prevent Azerbaijan from deploying a foreign military contingent on its territory, since it cannot legally do this.

Dear Sergey, I think that you do not quite understand the essence of what you are commenting on. There are nuances. Armenia did not recognize Karabakh, and Russia will recognize it in 3 hours (there is a precedent). Secondly, Donbass borders on Russia and it will not be difficult to organize a performance of militias from 3 million refugees and "migrant workers" from Ukraine, in the amount of 2 divisions. Thirdly, it is Russia that is the guarantor of the "Minsk agreements" (they are not given importance in Ukraine, but in vain - this may be a serious reason for action). And fourthly, Donbass is important and close to Russia, PLUS to this, the political engagement associated with the opinion of the Russian population is not possible to ignore (Donbass cannot be surrendered, just like that).

It seems to me that in this situation we need to look more broadly. In this case, the goal of the West is to pull us into a local conflict, another one. For what? Look: We participate in Syria, and in Donbas too. 1. We spend a lot of resources on this, both human and financial, then on the part of military planning we are obliged to keep a bunch of troops there that could be involved in the event of a breakthrough elsewhere. Besides, if something happens, the West will try to blacken us in the eyes of the world community. Therefore, everything is ambiguous here, or rather ambiguous at all, and our General Staff is balancing on the edge of a knife. I am simply forced, in order to help the allies, so that they do not become a bridgehead, to further ensure their military presence, Comrade K. Our ocean fleet is weak, and we need a jump airfield. And a lot of everything from the barrier to terrorists. Turkey is not independent in its decisions. Erdogan, if he did not feel the support of NATO, would not pretend to be stern, let alone that he was promised this question ...

So after all, the Turkish interests in Karabakh are not interesting to Russia either. :)
By the way, what has Russia to do with it? After all, both sides of the conflict give consent to the peacekeepers.
Quote: ".. Ankara will take an active part ..."
At the demarcation stand Russian MC and what "participation" is planned is not clear?

Guys, why are we indignant? Vovan himself said that Karabakh is Azerbaijan. And they can let anyone they want there.
The same will happen with Donbass. We shout from every iron that this is Ukraine and we will get it. Or rather, not we, but the citizens of these republics, who believed in Vova, became Russians and ... zilch. Who will believe us after that ?, Cuba, Vietnam?

Actually, what was required to be proved. And no assurances from Lavrov to the contrary are not a decree to them. We can only endure notes of concern and regret.