Fighter F-35


Turkish Ministry of Defense reiterates abandonment of Su-35 in favor of F-35

In Turkey, they said that so far they do not intend to buy Su-35 fighters.

The head of the Turkish Ministry of Defense, Hulusi Akar, made another statement in which he refuted the issue of acquiring Russian combat aircraft, saying that at the moment only one option is being considered for the Turkish Air Force - the American F-35.

The Turkish Defense Minister did not rule out that Ankara might consider buying combat aircraft from other countries in the future, but this will happen only if Washington refuses to supply its aircraft to Turkey.

“We must wait and see how everything will develop. Turkey is an independent state and will do what it sees fit. If the United States refuses to fulfill its F-35 supply obligations, we can find other suppliers. Various planes are made in the world, and finding an option is not a problem. But we want to cooperate with the USA, because it is our partner ”, - the Arabic information publication “Hulusi Akar conveys the words”Al masdar news».

Experts, in turn, note that the likelihood that the United States will nevertheless agree to supply F-35 to Turkey is quite high, because otherwise the Pentagon will lose the largest contract for these fighters, not to mention the fact that it will seriously undermine the military US-Turkey cooperation.

Even if our planes are delivered to Turkey for free, from this they will not become Chuvash, Ossetians, or even Tatars ... These are Turks ...

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