The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine published a video of the exercises on the border with Russia and disgraced

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry published a video of the exercise near the Russian borders, but was ridiculed around the world.

An attempt by the Ukrainian military to demonstrate an imaginary superiority over Russia, especially against the background of a serious escalation in the Donbass, resulted in ridicule almost all over the world. The fault was the video, which shows the maneuvers of the Ukrainian artillerymen, who demonstrated a banal lack of well-coordinated work and ignorance of the basic principles of firing.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the deployment of Ukrainian artillery near the Russian border. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian military acted very promptly, the further video material raised a lot of questions as to whether the Ukrainian artillerymen were at least capable of firing a volley.

As experts note, in addition to the fact that the artillery guns are not deployed as required by the basic principles, the barrels of the guns are at different levels, such a salvo will only lead to chaotic plowing of enemy positions, without causing absolutely no damage to the latter.

“The difference in the angles of the raised trunks is up to 10-15 degrees, and this is a miss by several kilometers. Either this is some kind of cunning strategy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or evidence that the Ukrainian military simply does not know how to fire at all ", - the expert marks.

Among other things, the experts drew attention not only to the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces never fired, but also to the fact that the artillery crews did not even receive shells, and at the time of the deployment of the guns, one of the boxes imitating the ammunition box generally has too much small size and weight, which banally turned such maneuvers into ridicule.

On all the material, the process of deploying a unit, do not interfere with people conducting exercises, let them learn at least once in their life ...

From a closed board with a box of shells, a soldier of akopalypse sighed ...

it looks like the dog was running and coordinating

And why, exactly, electronic warfare ?, - who is it?
What else will it fix there?
And what kind of flying "Tornado" ?, along with the cockpit will arrive?

Alexander, "on".
"In Ukraine". This is exactly what we were taught in Soviet schools.

And after everything that we see on TV and on the Internet, see this. Oh, someone will teach you about the hat

Who entrusted the equipment to them? Or break or hurt themselves

Not a single shot and projectile was shown on purpose so as not to declassify their promising grease supplies?))

Well, why did you attack the poor? This video should only show that the Ukrainian army is the strongest. After the first shot, the electronic warfare system fixes the coordinates of the battery and the "Tornado" arrives in response and that's it.

This is a workout. Nothing funny. The task is to arrive quickly, shoot back and quickly leave.

Now we know for sure that there are 4 artillery pieces in Ukraine.

Just like partisans)) In fact, it's not funny what's going on.

At an imaginary enemy, imaginary shells.