ATRA Javelin


The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine declined to answer the question about the use of American "Javelin" in Donbass

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry ignored the issue of the use of American Javelin systems in Donbass.

Despite the available information that the Ukrainian military at least three times used American anti-tank missile systems "Javelin" in Donbas, Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov refused to comment on the question about the use of this weapon. This may indicate that the Ukrainian Armed Forces still used American weapons.

Answering questions about the use of weapons in the Donbass, Reznikov said that the Armed Forces allegedly did not attack the DPR positions at all, but he answered the question about the use of foreign weapons absolutely evasively.

“We do not violate the Minsk agreements, we do not attack in the zone of the operation of the joint forces. If the enemy, the occupying troops, violate the silence regime, kill our military, we warn through the JCCC regime, through the OSCE SMM that they stop violating the Minsk agreements and the silence regime ”- said Reznikov.

Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence department, Kirill Budanov, said about the use of the American Javelin ATGM systems - his data have not yet received an official refutation.

Reznikov and Zaluzhny make contradictory and mutually exclusive statements, which casts doubt on any of their direct speech and the need to somehow react to them.

Why should they rattle? Time will show.