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Ministry of Defense of Ukraine requested military assistance from NATO to capture Donbass

In Ukraine, they requested military assistance from NATO to capture Donbass.

Against the backdrop of numerous attempts by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to seize Donbass and the appearance of Russian troops near the Ukrainian borders, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine made an official request for the provision of military assistance to countries such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The Defense Department of Ukraine asks to deploy foreign troops on its territory. This indicates not only an attempt to exert military pressure on Russia, but also, probably, provide support in the hostilities in the Donbas. Information in this regard was announced not only in Ukraine, but also confirmed the receipt of a corresponding request in Canada.

“Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov called on the UK, Canada and the United States to deploy their troops in the south and east of Ukraine. Ukraine's Defense Minister said in an interview that Canada, the US and the UK should jointly and promptly provide military support to Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia, warning that steps to contain the invasion of Russian President Vladimir Putin are necessary now, because "it will be too late after" ... Oleksiy Reznikov said he found a rift in the NATO military alliance over how far to go in support of Ukraine. Canada, the US and the UK were more likely to challenge Mr. Putin's aggressive behavior, he said, while countries such as Germany and France were hesitant because they were concerned about maintaining their economic relationship with Russia. ", - according to the Canadian edition "The Globe and Mail".

It should be noted that earlier the UK and Canada have already announced their intentions to send over a thousand NATO troops and relevant military equipment to Donbass, however, at the moment, there is no official response to the request of the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Aleksey Reznikov.

Such actions on the part of Ukraine and the West create additional tension in the region. This does not exclude the possibility that Russia will begin to oppose Kiev.

These are three new boilers. Donetsk, Kalmiusskoe, Snezhnoe ... and access to the Artillery Assumption of the Artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a cast-iron lifebuoy around Pushilin's neck ... and flags so that the Kremlin could see what the shapkozakidateltstvo leads to

In 2008, NATO simply refused to participate in the turmoil in the southern Caucasus, where there was no Crimea and Sevastopol. Today, after Putin's applications for a new world order with his participation and the economic crisis of resources, the alignment is completely different, Donbass is a much more tasty springboard and for it there will be a massacre without pickled ties and inadequate leaders at the head of the aggressors. Now the whole bloc is imprisoned for war and propaganda about it is screaming from every iron in Europe and the United States, so there will no longer be an easy walk to Tbilisi, I dare to assure you.

Kingdom of Mariupol supports

These are four new "boilers": Kharkov, Mariupol, Kramatorsk and Odessa. Island Serpentine - does not count, it is already in the "cauldron". And flags !, flags are the biggest !, so that you can see from the Kremlin (well, this is due to the Ukrainian budget). How will those who are asked to like this prospect?

Reznikov should read the chronology of the 2008 conflict between Russia and Georgia. At the same time, pick up a delicious, pickled tie. Or a bra, who knows ... Hehe ...