The Ministry of Health decided to "improve" the statistics on coronavirus - the official reports do not include those who have the virus, but do not have symptoms

Named one of the causes of the decline of coronavirus in Russia.

The decrease in the incidence of coronavirus in Russia may be due not to success in the fight against coronavirus, but to a banal improvement in statistics due to the exclusion from the number of new cases of those who had a coronavirus infection, but the disease itself is asymptomatic. It is with this fact that a rapidly growing mortality rate can be associated with a fall in the overall incidence.

“If a virus is detected in the absence of complaints, objective and additional information, this condition should be regarded as a carrier of the virus and encoded in section Z22.8. Such cases are not included in morbidity and mortality statistics. ”, - representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation report.

The number of citizens with a detected case of coronavirus carriage, but the asymptomatic course of the disease is not known, however, the current mortality rate has risen record-high in Russia - it is 2-3 times more than in the case of the peak situation in new cases of coronavirus, and Today, Russia already occupies the 6th place in the world in the daily increase in mortality from COVID-19 and the 17th place in the world in the total number of deaths.


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