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The world record of the Russian Tu-160 was ridiculed - the Americans talked about the B-60 record unbeaten in 52 years

The record non-stop flight range of the Russian Tu-160 was ridiculed.

The Americans ridiculed the statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation about the establishment of a record by the Russian strategic missile carriers Tu-160 while covering a distance of 20 thousand kilometers without landing. As it turned out, the world record has not been broken - since 2001 it belongs to the American B-52, moreover, the Russian "White Swans" lag behind it by almost 2,5 times.

The statement about setting the world record was made by the commander of long-range aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Lieutenant General Sergei Kobylash.

“Russian supersonic strategic bombers Tu-160 set a new world record for flight range. This was announced on Saturday, September 19, by the commander of the long-range aviation of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia, Lieutenant General Sergei Kobylash, reports TASS. “Today, two long-range aviation crews set a new record for the range and duration of a flight on the Tu-160 supersonic strategic missile carriers,” the general said. According to him, the pilots covered more than 20 thousand kilometers and were in the air for more than 25 hours. Nobody has flown on airplanes of this class longer, added Kobylash "- приводит data edition "".

Nevertheless, the US Strategic Forces Command published completely different statistics - the Russian Tu-160s could not break the record of three American strategic bombers, in particular, in 2014 the B-1B Lancer bombers were in the air for 30 hours, the B-2 Spirit bombers in 2001 were in the air for 44 hours, and the American B-52 became the absolute record holder, who set the record for non-stop flights in 1957, having stayed in the air for 45 hours.

So far, there have been no official comments from the Russian Ministry of Defense about such a mockery of the United States.

Don't confuse range with duration! .. in 25 hours! And how much did they overcome in 40 hours ??!?

I forgot to add - the copy is worse than the original. Even scaled.

Yuri, what a demagoguery islovobludie. No logic. More speed, weight, load, etc. How does this prevent you from reaching a record flight duration? On the contrary, I think it's easier to fly longer on a large plane.
I think that is not the point. And in the uncomfortable conditions of a long flight for pilots, the technological level of the aircraft, especially electronics and engines, is low in comparison with B1. As well as other sites requiring frequent maintenance on the ground.

There is no answer and it is unlikely to be.

So Tu-160 is also from the Stone Age, an ordinary old rusty barn

I fully support the comment! It is inadmissible to compare the Tu-160 and B-52.

YES, only he overcame 9 thousand kilometers. And ANT 25 was not a bomber. Only all the same 67 hours of flight around the world from the Americans. 2005 Virgin Voyager.

And what distance did the B-2 Spirit cover in 2001 in 44 hours and the B-52 in 1957 in 45 hours ???

But what about our Yuri Gagarin, who did not fly anywhere?

It's good at least they didn't remember about the Derijables. The duration of their flight Tu-160 was never dreamed of.

The Americans flew the B-52 to the moon.

Chkalov flew 63 hours

Unfortunately, media representatives and politicians from the United States have a serious pedagogical error, as a neurotic parent, comparing the uniqueness of their child with other children, may be shocked by the unnoticed successes of others. I propose to make efforts and learn to be FRIENDLY, and not to compete with the arms race under the pressure of INTERESTS of private military companies, but to start using the MORALS of international diplomacy. It is safer for you and your children! ;)

Yuri, respect! Comparing a kite to an albatross is inappropriate and just stupid

To be honest, I have not found anywhere in open sources the statements of officials of the RF Ministry of Defense that the Tu-160 set a world record. Only the media speaks about this. But, if the Americans decided to brag about their achievements, let it be well then it is worth saying that the Tu-160 has achieved them. Those who compare the Tu-160 and B1V are people who are not quite versed in aviation, in fact, these are two different aircraft, in many ways different. The Tu-160 is almost 60 tons heavier, has a maximum speed of almost 900 km / h more, the combat load is 10 tons more, the combat radius (without refueling, of course) is 1800 km more, and most importantly, the Tu-160 is a strategic missile carrier, a carrier long-range cruise missiles, B1B is only a bomber, a carrier of short-range missiles of 160 km. Therefore, the Tu-160 is a record holder in its class, moreover, we still do not know at what speeds the flight was made. When the Americans put into service such an aircraft, then let them compare.