Military equipment of Turkey


Kilometer-long columns of Turkish military and militants moved into the areas of the offensive of the Syrian army

The Turkish offensive in Syria has moved from a passive stage to an active one.

Several thousand Turkish military and terrorists, under the direct patronage of Ankara, began to move into the deployment areas of the Syrian troops. This indicates that the passive stage of the Turkish offensive military operation in northern Syria (and we are probably talking about Idlib), began to turn into an active one and the first clashes will begin this weekend.

In the photographs presented, you can see the advancement of Turkish terrorists in the areas of the Turkish military operation "Olive Branch" and "Shield of the Euphrates". In total, it is reported about the dispatch of several multi-kilometer convoys to the combat zone. Moreover, it is also reported about the transfer of Turkish troops.

The Turkish militants are mainly armed with pick-up trucks with large-caliber machine guns and twin anti-aircraft guns installed in the bodies, which implies that the militants are ready to attack air targets if Russia and Syria try to intervene.

Nevertheless, experts note that if Turkey really goes to violate agreements with Moscow, then hundreds of pieces of equipment and thousands of terrorists will become excellent targets for Russian fighters and bombers. Moreover, if necessary, Russia may well attract long-range Tu-22M3 bombers for strikes on militants - the latter already have experience of operational transfer to Syrian territory.

Do you seriously think that the Russian air defense system can shoot at a Russian target ?? )))

This is an export version, the "friend or foe" identification system will not allow us to shoot down our planes. And there is a blocking system. The software was written by our programmers, they had to take it into account.

You forget where these s-400s were made and who really controls them ...

And if not destroyed, the money will be required to return

C400 does not shoot at friendly. Friend or foe.

With Turkey, it will not work out kindly, there are too many contradictions.

Turkey has a 400, which can easily destroy all enemy aircraft, on the example of the war in Georgia, they have excellent chances.


Europe, where do you think the terrorists come from there? But from where and who sent them to you, here it is right in the palm of your hand. Continue to support further and they will come to your house.