C-400 SAM


Multibillion-dollar contract for C-400 in jeopardy - Turkey began negotiations on the purchase of American Patriot

Turkey began negotiations on the purchase of American Patriot.

Contrary to the statements of Ankara on signing an agreement with Russia on the purchase of the next large batch of S-400 Triumph, worth about 2,5-3 billion dollars, it became known that one of the largest deals was in danger of failure, which resulted in a statement by the Foreign Minister Turkey on a breakthrough in negotiations between Turkey and the United States on the purchase of Patriot systems.

“Turkey again became interested in the purchase of the American Patriot missile defense systems (ABM) and sent a corresponding request to the United States. On Saturday, 14 December, the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said ", - reports "Tape".

At the moment, there is no answer from Washington, however, experts say that there is a real threat that the United States may approve the deal to sell Patriot systems to Turkey, because otherwise Turkey will arm itself with even more Russian Triumphs.

Nevertheless, experts have many questions about the fact that Turkey is constantly changing its position on Russian C-400, which raises another question about whether Ankara is really interested in buying Triumphs, as it is positioned by the Russian side.