Mobilized Russians will receive more than 200 thousand rubles a month

The mobilized Russians will be paid more than 205 rubles a month.

The relevant information was announced by the military commissar of Yakutia. The amount will vary within wide limits, however, first of all, young people who have served in the army no more than 3 years ago and have military service skills are called up for partial mobilization. The increase in the amount will probably depend directly on what tasks and how successfully the mobilized themselves will perform.

“All citizens who are called up for mobilization are equated to military personnel under a contract, receive monetary allowance in the same amount - from 205 thousand rubles, depending on the position and military rank”- said the military commissar of Yakutia Alexander Avdonin.

According to the head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, the mobilized residents of the region will be able to count on the payment of 200 thousand rubles, which is also a very impressive amount. This, probably, may well attract additional forces for mobilization, if this is required.

The day before, partial mobilization was announced in Russia, during which it is planned to involve 300 people in the relevant activities, who will subsequently undergo appropriate training and be sent to the zone of the NWO.