Missiles in a container


The upgraded Zircon-K hypersonic complex will appear in service with Russia by 2025

By 2025, Russia will have the Zircon-K hypersonic complex.

Along with the appearance of the Zircon missile systems in service with Russian submarines, one of the modifications of these complexes is also expected by 2025. This is a variant that can be transported in standard 40-foot containers and, by analogy with the Caliber-K complex, it will probably be named Zircon-K.

The feasibility of the appearance of such complexes is very high, since it makes it possible to transport Russian hypersonic missiles around the world without arousing any suspicion. This is especially true against the backdrop of US intentions to limit the appearance of Russian ships and submarines near the American coast.

Dozens of hypersonic missiles can be placed on board a large cargo ship, and if the first command arrives, they can deliver a powerful blow to strategic enemy targets, aircraft carrier strike groups, etc.

Taking into account the dimensions of the 3M-22 hypersonic missile, its transportation in a 20-foot sea container is impossible, however, experts do not exclude that the design of the missile can be further improved, which will ensure high efficiency in the transportation of such weapons.

"The Russian missile complex" Caliber-K "has proven itself extremely highly, - to date, until now, no one knows where ships with such missiles may be located. In the case of Zircon, this will be an even more effective tool for deterring potential adversaries. ", - the expert marks.

And instead of BZHRK, a dozen trains with containers

This is still a Soviet .. idea :)

Kamaz trucks are not needed at all, there are enough piles somewhere at customs, in ports, railway stations, etc. Yes, just like abandoned. Any accumulation of containers is a horror for NATO.

and put these containers on hundreds of KAMAZ trucks))

Great and smart. There are a great variety of such containers and there are everywhere in the world. Tremble enemies! Savvy works. More than nuclear trains will be.