The modernized Russian Ka-52M "Alligator" will be able to destroy enemy defenses and destroy tank battalions

Russian attack helicopter Ka-52M "Alligator" has to pass state tests.

Russian designers have completed the development of an upgraded version of the Ka-52M Alligator combat helicopter, which is significantly superior to its predecessor. According to the data available to the news agency, today there are two prototypes of the Ka-52M Alligator helicopter, which have passed all the necessary factory tests, and will soon undergo state tests. Information on this matter was announced by the general director of the Russian Helicopters holding, Andrey Boginsky.

“Two experimental Ka-52M vehicles have been manufactured and have already completed tests. Now we are submitting this helicopter for joint state tests to the Ministry of Defense "- said Boginsky.

The capabilities of the Russian Ka-52M Alligator attack helicopter are much broader. Formally, this combat vehicle is literally designed to destroy fortifications and destroy enemy forces, in particular, with a large number of various weapons. The range of target destruction has significantly increased.

The new Ka-52M Alligator is designed to destroy enemy defenses. One such combat vehicle can freely defeat heavy tanks during an offensive, destroy enemy manpower with whole companies, etc. This is a real destruction machine. ", - the expert marks.

It is assumed that the delivery of Ka-52M Alligator helicopters to the troops will begin next year.


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