The upgraded Su-57M Super Dry will receive 4 hypersonic missiles at once

The modernized Russian Su-57M Super Sukhoi fighter will receive four hypersonic missiles at once.

The upgraded version of the fifth-generation Russian fighter will immediately receive four medium-range hypersonic missiles designed to destroy air targets. This is evidenced by data from sources that note that the use of such aircraft missiles will practically deprive the enemy of chances to win the battle, since at a huge flight speed, the missile will be able to hit the target in just a few seconds - it is impossible to track it with standard means and the pilot will not chances of completing the evasion maneuver.

It is known that fighters will not be equipped with these missiles "by default", however, when performing air operations, they will be able to carry four missiles at once, which makes them completely invincible opponents.

The speed of hypersonic missiles is not called, however, experts believe that it will be in the region of 8-10 thousand km \ h, which is already beyond the means of detecting any fighter in service with other countries of the world.

Among other things, it became known earlier that the Su-57 fighter will be equipped with anti-ship long-range cruise missiles, smart bombs, long-range air-to-air missiles and other modern weapons.