Moldovan arranged brawl on board the flight Shanghai - Moscow

A drunken citizen of Moldavia arranged a rowdy aboard the airliner.

The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon, with the information portal becoming aware that during the passenger flight on the route Shanghai-Moscow, the passenger of the flight, being in a state of intoxication, began to behave inadequately-loudly talking, swearing, pestering passengers, etc. Attempts to calm the man did not lead to anything, and rather the opposite - the man fell into a rage and began to destroy the equipment installed on the aircraft, and only after a while could calm down.

When landing at the airport in the capital, police officers immediately escorted the aircraft, who detained the man and subsequently placed him under administrative arrest for 5 days.

According to some estimates, the damage caused to drunken passenger was about 700 thousand rubles, and in the near future, the court ruled the exact amount of pecuniary compensation, which men will have to pay flights shedule.


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