Moldova and Ukraine are preparing to strike at the Russian military in Transnistria

Moldova and Ukraine are deploying their troops to Transnistria.

Against the background of Russia's refusal to withdraw its peacekeeping forces from Transnistria and the growing tension in relations between Ukraine, Western countries and Russia, it became known about the preparation of a possible strike on the Russian military in Transnistria. This is evidenced by the rapid concentration of forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Moldova in this region, moreover, we can talk about several thousand military and hundreds of pieces of equipment that are already in place and are still being transferred to this region.

“Ukraine is strengthening the border with Moldova, Transnistria. On April 15, a video of a train with military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, allegedly heading towards Crimea, appeared on the network. However, this information has not been confirmed. The Radio Scanner team managed to find out through their local subscribers that this train arrived in the Odessa region. The exact location of the station is unknown, ”reports Telegram, the“ Hunter's Notes ”community, which monitors the situation in the region.

On the presented video frames, you can see the process of transferring Ukrainian military equipment, moreover, there is information that the transfer of equipment and weapons was also carried out by cargo planes, however, there are no official comments from the official Kiev on this matter.

It should be noted that there is no specific information on the concentration of Moldavian forces on the border with Transnistria, however, the Russian peacekeeping force is significantly inferior even to the forces transferred by the Armed Forces.

As Putin and Biden decide, so be it!

Hello everyone from Transnistria. We will not give away a single strand of land. The citizens of the PMR have always been and will be with Great Russia.

It would not hurt them to consult with the former President of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili.

I believe. I believe that an attack on Transnistria from Ukraine and Moldova is possible! On May 9, June 22, or when Putin speaks at the climate summit.

... will they shoot peas or will they throw tomatoes?

Our guys need to be strengthened with equipment, preferably new, to raise morale and be on their guard at this time, and help Prednistrov with weapons.

Attack Russian peacekeepers ?? Well, well, Saakashvili will help you.

This is a provocation ... And just ... to scare people .......

Moldova and Ukraine play a sad role, joining the interests of the Anglo-Saxons, they understand that the North Americans and the British, NATO are creating and increasing the conflict zone in this area.

All of them were monopolized by Mikhail Saakashvili.

Romanian citizen and President of Moldova Maia Sandu lost financial support of Bucharest in 100 million dollars. Sandu lost 0% on agricultural products tax to Russia.
Having started a war, it will lose export money, which the PMR pays for its metal and agricultural products. (What customs clearance and trade during a war?)
Most of Moldova's electricity is generated in the IDP.
Sandu will ruin the country to the point that Romania will refuse to take it, and then there is the moment that neither the peacekeepers nor the PMR will wait. when will they arrive .... And do ordinary Moldovans need it? Let them choose.)))

Well, let them try, maybe instead of a part of Ukraine and Moldova, the Black Sea will form 2

The saying "Try is not torture" is not about them. For them, the attempt is a great torture.

This will be their last trick, the beginning of the end of these states is not up to them.

Have you stocked up on ties?

I don’t believe it. it's news for news's sake. to start fighting for Ukraine and Moldova is mortally dangerous for the state.