Moldova begins to prepare for war against Transnistria

The Ministry of Defense of Moldova initiated an unusual activity by sending out orders to enterprises throughout the country about the need to urgently provide existing vehicles and other equipment to the army in the event of a mobilization announcement. Information about this mailing became known thanks to the publication of documents in the telegram channel “Gagauz Republic”. According to the terms of the requests, companies are required to transfer vehicles and spare parts to the military within two hours upon request, as well as provide detailed lists of all available vehicles.

In response to requests from local media for comment, Ministry of Defense spokeswoman Alla Diaconu confirmed the fact of the mailing, but pointed out that such a procedure is standard annual practice. According to her statements, the goal is to update the database of vehicles and other equipment that can be used by the army in the event of mobilization activities.

This action of the Ministry of Defense of Moldova caused a wave of discussions against the backdrop of the recently announced congress of deputies of all levels of Transnistria, which discussed the protection of the interests of the unrecognized republic in the face of increasing pressure from Chisinau. During the forum, it was decided to appeal to the Russian parliament and international organizations with a request for support for Transnistria, which added tension to relations between Moldova and its separatist region.


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