Moldova is deploying troops 8 kilometers from Transnistria


Moldova is deploying troops 8 kilometers from Transnistria

Moldova is actively accumulating military equipment and conducting training at a training ground near the settlement of Bulboaca, located in close proximity to Transnistria. This was stated by the co-chairman of the Joint Control Commission (JCC) from the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldavian Republic (PMR) Oleg Belyakov. He expressed serious concern about the increase in the number of armored personnel carriers and heavy weapons in the area.

“Today, armored personnel carriers and heavy weapons are stored at the training ground near the village of Bulboaka. What is the Bulboaca landfill? The city of Bendery is 12 kilometers away, Grigoriopol is 8 kilometers away. Such a quantity of weapons and ammunition and constant training cannot but cause us concern.", Belyakov said at a meeting of the expert club of the Pridnestrovie newspaper.

The co-chairman of the JCC from the PMR emphasized that the actions of the Moldovan side on militarization cause concern in Tiraspol. He noted that, despite the neutral status of Moldova and the absence of aggressive intentions towards neighboring countries, such as Ukraine and Romania, the situation with Transnistria remains unsettled. Belyakov also pointed to active training, testing of mobilization resources and the use of high-tech weapons by the Moldovan army.

Peace in the Transnistrian conflict zone is supported by a joint peacekeeping force, which includes 402 Russian, 492 Transnistrian and 355 Moldovan military personnel. These forces operate 15 fixed posts and checkpoints located in key areas of the security zone. The JCC, created by agreement between Moldova and Russia on July 21, 1992, monitors the situation in the security zone on the Dniester and coordinates the activities of peacekeeping forces.


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