The moment of the explosion at the warehouses in Snizhne was accidentally filmed

The explosion at the ammunition depots in Snizhne was caught on video.

The explosion and subsequent detonation of ammunition at the depots in Snizhne were accidentally filmed on a mobile phone camera by eyewitnesses. The video footage captures the moment of the most powerful explosion in the warehouse, which literally lit up the sky for several tens of kilometers, after which the strongest detonation of ammunition began.

On the presented video footage taken by eyewitnesses, you can see the moment of the explosion at the warehouses in Snizhne. The video footage was reportedly filmed from the outskirts of Donetsk, indicating that the initial explosion could be seen from a distance of about 60 kilometers. However, there are no official statements from representatives of the DPR regarding the nighttime explosions in Snizhne, while, despite the claims of the Ukrainian military that the strike was allegedly carried out using American missiles, experts draw attention to the fact that before the closest positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are more than 80 kilometers, which is beyond the combat range of such missiles and weapons.

Judging by the data of satellites monitoring fires, the situation in the north of Snizhne is almost critical - we are talking about a fairly large area covered by the fire, however, due to the lack of details, it is not yet possible to assess the real situation.