Vladivostok Airport


Strong snowfall disrupted Vladivostok Airport

The Vladivostok airport because of bad weather canceled several flights.

As the news agency Avia.pro, this morning, from Vladivostok flights were canceled in the Transfiguration, Kavalerovo Dalnegorsk and, moreover, the main reasons for this was the unfavorable weather conditions, including heavy precipitation in the form of snow, strong wind, and others.

Among other things, from the airport of Vladivostok and several flights were delayed, in particular, we are talking about the departure to Moscow, as well as the arrival of the flight from Beijing, however, is the delay will not be long and it is currently in Vladivostok airport is gradually restoring its work.

It should be clarified that the adverse weather conditions are also observed in other Russian cities, however, problems with the air traffic here is not celebrated.