A powerful blow from the Russian Su-34 cleared out the positions of the terrorists, turning their hideout into reinforced concrete ruins

After the blow of the Su-34, only the ruins of reinforced concrete remained from the positions of the Turkish terrorists in Idlib.

The Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber has dealt a powerful and precise strike on one of the buildings in the Syrian province of Idlib, where Turkish terrorists who recently attacked the positions of the Syrian army were hiding. As a result of an accurate hit by an aerial bomb, the building, which housed up to 5 militants, turned into only the ruins of reinforced concrete - even the rather strong structure of the shelter of the terrorists did not allow the latter to oppose anything to the overwhelming power of the Russian military aviation.

The presented video footage, filmed by one of the residents of the settlement of Al-Bara, shows the consequences of a Russian bomber's strike on the shelter of terrorists. In fact, the building turned into ruins and nothing remained of it, except for fragments of reinforced concrete, which remind that there was a building on this place.

Russian military aviation constantly carries out retaliatory strikes against terrorists who violate the agreements to de-escalate the situation in Idlib, unleashing the power of missile and bomb weapons on the militants.

It should be noted that despite Turkey's intentions to launch a military operation in Syria, Erdogan's plans have completely failed. This is due to Russia's intentions to ensure the security of the Syrian troops.

Erdogan expressed concern.