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A powerful blow from the Russian Aerospace Forces left a 20-meter crater from the base of Syrian militants

As a result of a powerful blow by the Russian Aerospace Forces on the jihadists in Idlib, only a 20-meter crater remained from the latter's shelter.

A few hours ago, fighters and bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces dealt a powerful blow to the next major terrorist center in Idlib, actually leaving a huge crater about 20 meters in diameter from it. The air strike hit a group of buildings, as a result of the collapse of which nothing remained of the terrorist base.

According to the data available to the news agency Avia.pro, the attacks of the Russian Aerospace Forces fell on the area of ​​the village of Maaret Misrin, while there is information that the destroyed group of buildings served as the terrorists' headquarters, warehouses with weapons and ammunition, and a training facility for training of militants, etc.

In the photographs presented, you can see very serious destruction, which indicates that the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces used powerful bombs and missiles to destroy terrorist facilities. There is no information about the losses of the latter, however, judging by the information that appeared on Twitter, we can talk about a group of up to a hundred militants.

It should be noted that since the beginning of this year, Russia has begun to conduct military operations against the Turkish-backed jihadists, actively using its military aircraft, tactical missile weapons and Orion and Lancet drones for this.

Vladimir well done - beautifully said.

Since Erdogan is the best friend, he must be somehow thanked or maybe rewarded, or at least let free charters to Turkey.