Maybe Russian, or maybe not: an unknown electronic warfare forced Israeli air defense to shoot down non-existent missiles. Video

An unknown electronic warfare system deployed in Syria prevented Israel from shooting down missiles.

A few hours ago, missile strikes were launched against the southern part of Israel from the Gaza Strip, however, despite the fact that the missiles fired were timely detected, an unknown electronic warfare system deployed in Syria created very serious problems for the Israeli air defense systems - instead of defeat threatening targets, the Iron Dome complexes began to shoot down their own anti-aircraft missiles.



On the presented video frames, you can see how, after the explosion of one fired rocket, the second hits its debris, although there were no real targets in the air at that moment. In fact, the Israeli anti-aircraft missile tried to hit a "phantom target", which can only happen in the event of a malfunction of the air defense system, for example, with a powerful effect on it of electronic suppression, and according to previously published satellite images, unknowns are located in Syria. suppressor supplies.

“It is obvious that the attack was carefully coordinated and the Israeli air defense systems were simply blocked from the territory of neighboring Syria. It is reasonable to assume that this was a response to the unpunished activities of the Israeli military against sovereign Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. The fact that Israel is afraid can already be seen on the basis of how Israel threatens Lebanon several times a week with a response and pitifully justifies itself after the thoughtless liquidation of one of the Hezbollah members. ", - the expert marks.

According to some reports, at least two rockets fired from the territory of the Gaza Strip fell on Israeli territory - it was not possible to shoot them down.

And why does the author consider cases of inconsistent complications "through the fault of the Russian Federation" ??? ...
And no one remembers how the lukashonka created visa-free travel for the whole world for 90 days) ..., WITHOUT NOTIFICING RUSSIA, probably forgetting that we have no border with Belarus ...

They "work" on one target with two missiles so that the probability of hitting is 100%, so the second missile on the same target triggered a self-destruction system. Even high school seniors know this.



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