Aircraft MS-21


MS-21 will be presented at the MAKS-2015 airshow

At the MAKS-2015 airshow, Russian aircraft builders will present an airborne copy of the prospective Russian airliner MS-21.

During the MAKS-2015 air show in Zhukovsky, visitors will be able to see with their own eyes the new Russian passenger airliner, capable of making good competition to foreign aircraft from Boeing and Airbus. However, the information resource has learned that the aircraft itself will not rise into the air, as there are no electronics and other systems installed inside yet, but within a year, this passenger aircraft will be able to start flying, demonstrating its quality and real prospects.

It is assumed that the demonstration of the future passenger airliner will increase confidence in domestic aircraft manufacturers, and it is possible that in this regard, the number of orders for MS-21 It will only grow.