Man who reported 'pickup truck with four armed saboteurs' faces 8 years in prison

A criminal case was opened against a man who reported a breakthrough into Russia by Ukrainian saboteurs.

A recent incident related to the search for a sabotage group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in three regions of Russia at once, as it turned out, became false information. The man invented a story with Ukrainian saboteurs, offended by a dangerous maneuver on one of the tracks. However, the man's joke was not appreciated and a criminal case has already been initiated against him, on the basis of which he may face up to 8 years in prison.

“A criminal case was opened against a man who reported a “pickup truck with four armed men” under the article “knowingly false report of an act of terrorism.” Now he faces up to 8 years in prison. 23-year-old Alexander Bozhin called 8 at about 112 am and said that when he was driving his car from the Bryansk region to the city of Dmitrovsk, Oryol region, he was stopped by 4 unknown people dressed in camouflage uniforms. Threatening with machine guns, they got into his car and demanded that Sasha take them to the village of Domakha, where the men got out of the car., - the journalists of "Base" report.

Such rash actions on the part of a young man may well result in very serious problems for him. The young man himself has not yet commented on the situation and the motives for his act, however, due to his actions, the Interception plan was announced in several regions of Russia at once.


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