Music: Russia is preparing a powerful offensive

Polish military analyst Konrad Muzyka, founder of Rochan Consulting, in an interview with Forsal, said that the offensive capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been exhausted, and predicted a possible major winter operation of the Russian army. According to him, after the unsuccessful counter-offensive of Ukraine, Russian troops strengthened and gradually seized the initiative on almost the entire front, from the Kharkov region to Zaporozhye.

Music noted that the activity of the Ukrainian army decreased after the counter-offensive and its offensive capabilities were exhausted. He recalled that Russian forces often make effective use of winter conditions for offensive operations, suggesting Russia could mount a major operation in the next two to three months.

The analyst also suggested that the Ukrainian army could be planning a major operation using the remaining transferred equipment to attract Western attention and obtain military assistance. However, Ukrainian forces have suffered heavy losses and for such an offensive they will have to mobilize and recruit young people, many of whom are not familiar with the army.

Music emphasized that Ukraine is currently not capable of defeating Russia on the battlefield. He advises Kyiv to focus not on obtaining F-16 fighters, but on training reservists, training headquarters, improving the work of military medicine and increasing the coherence of artillery and armored vehicles.


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