The German Interior Ministry announced its readiness to receive citizens of the Russian Federation hiding from the mobilization

Germany declared its readiness to accept deserting citizens of the Russian Federation.

Head of the German Ministry of the Interior Nancy Feather announced that Germany is ready to provide access to the country's territory to those citizens of the Russian Federation who try to avoid partial mobilization, including through desertion. Experts call such actions on the part of Berlin a direct attempt to interfere, and we are more likely talking exclusively about propaganda promoted by the West, since for obvious reasons, Berlin is not ready to take any action to host Russian citizens due to the almost disastrous situation with Ukrainian refugees and refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

“Russian deserters who are threatened with serious reprisals can usually receive international protection in Germany. Anyone who [...] is thus exposed to great danger can apply for political asylum.”- reported the head of the German Ministry of Internal Affairs Nancy Feser.

The statement turned out to be very loud, however, it was made precisely in order to try to interfere with the conduct of the Russian special operation, which, by the way, is not the first time observed by Western countries.

Despite such statements, the plan of mobilization measures in Russia is being successfully carried out, in particular, in the first day 10 conscripts have already been called up from the reserve.


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