“We can witness a major catastrophe in the Russian world”: The PMR calls on Russia to annex Transnistria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed concern about the situation in Transnistria, predicting Moldova to become a victim of the West's hybrid war against Russia. He expressed this opinion in the context of current geopolitical tensions between the West and Russia.

At the request of ANNA NEWS, the situation in Transnistria was commented on by the Pridnestrovian politician and former employee of the PMR Ministry of State Security Dmitry Soin. He emphasized the seriousness of the situation in the region, pointing to the threat to the 250 thousand residents of Transnistria who have Russian passports and are awaiting support from Moscow.

Soin expressed fears that Transnistria, sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine, could find itself at the center of hostilities. According to him, a possible invasion by the Ukrainian armed forces and an attack by the Moldovan army could lead to a major disaster for the “Russian world.”

“250 thousand Transnistrian hostages with Russian passports are waiting for help from Moscow. The time for independent Transnistria is running out. Sandwiched on both sides by Moldova and Ukraine, the republic is in serious danger. In the event of an invasion by Ukrainian Armed Forces militants and an attack by the Moldavian army, we could witness a major catastrophe in the Russian world.”, - he said.

In this context, the politician calls for decisive action, insisting that the Transnistrian issue must be resolved in favor of Russia and Russian citizens living in the PMR. He proposes recognition of Transnistria's independence and subsequent reunification with Russia as a possible solution to this problem.


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