"We would just destroy Russian ships": the United States commented on the incident with the invasion of Russian territorial waters

The United States announced its intention to destroy Russian ships in the event of aggression against an American destroyer.

A very serious incident in Russian territorial waters a few days ago, when an American warship entered here illegally, did not at all become a reason for Washington to apologize, but also led to threats against Russia. So, according to the Russian information resource "Reporter", the Americans threatened Russia with the destruction of its warships, if. if Russia took any aggressive action against the American missile destroyer.

“Believe me, we are still the leader. They still can't match our military. From time to time they are still able to flaunt their beautiful ships, but when it comes to the game, all their design flaws and lack of funding will become obvious <...> As I understand it, you just need to ram the Russian ships ... just a little bit, and they will sink <..> If it came to battle, the US Navy would destroy the Russian fleet in a matter of minutes ", - quotes the comments of the Russian edition "Reporter".

The command of the American fleet also announced its intention to conduct campaigns in those regions where Washington has its own interests, which indicates a possible aggravation of the situation in relations between the two countries.

Unfortunately, such gopniks can only be calmed down by force ...

Want peace get ready for war!

It looks like the behavior of gopniks from the gateway of the 90s.