“We won’t give up the country”: Lukashenko refused to integrate with Russia

Lukashenko announced the rejection of integration with Russia.

The leader of neighboring Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, announced the rejection of any integration with Russia, which was recently announced in Moscow. According to the Belarusian president, the country's independence and sovereignty cannot be crossed out, obviously indicating a lack of desire to continue negotiations on integration with Russia.

“President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that he will do everything necessary to preserve the sovereignty and independence of the Belarusian state. “We got the country. We created the first independent sovereign state. And we will not give this country away to anyone to mock it, destabilize it every day, tear it to pieces and give it to someone, ”A. Lukashenko said. The Belarusian leader drew attention to the fact that an impression is being created: some potential candidates for the current presidential election are indeed financially supported from outside and are trying to turn the country around, - informs the news agency Minsk-News.

A number of media draw attention to the fact that anti-Russian sentiments are actively beginning to grow in Belarus, in particular, it was proposed to finally break the agreements with Russia on providing it with military bases in the country, weaken military cooperation (in favor of NATO and the EU), etc. which, allegedly, is due to a response to the actions of Moscow.

What a funny president ...

How independent are you? "We can’t even depend on fraternal Russia by 50–55%. We must diversify the markets," Lukashenko said. "He says this every year for 20 years. If he hasn’t found a replacement in 20 years Russia, therefore, will not find.