Explosion on the ship


"We drowned them all": Iran showed the destruction of Israeli ships

Iran has shown the destruction of Israeli warships.

Iranian authorities have published a photo of the wounded Israeli warships, threatening to destroy them all. In the presented photo you can see six Israeli warships, one of which was completely sunk.

The corresponding photo is posted in the Iranian capital - Tehran, and has a corresponding signature - "We drowned them all" (duplicate them all - ed.), Duplicated in addition to English, also in Persian and Hebrew.

It is reported that the corresponding photo appeared on the buildings of the Iranian capital a few days before the attack on the oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, which allegedly may have a symbolic character, although today there is no evidence that Iran has anything to do with attacked tankers.

Experts point out that the situation between Iran and Israel is seriously heating up, due to the recent tests of Iranian ballistic missiles. Nevertheless, despite the apparent hostility of the two peoples, Israel doubted that it was Iran that was involved in the attack. on the oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, in fact, without seeing a single motive in it.

First, there was nothing, and Ayatollah dreamed the sea and had to change the mattress. Secondly, Iraq beat Iran. And Iraq beat the United States. And Israel for the 60 years of war has not suffered a single defeat against a host of opponents exceeding them in 50. Armed with Soviet weapons.

That's it for sure! at least one sane person.

Let's not forget that we’ll forgive our officers for the 15 killed because of bald men

Well, why do you immediately hate? This is speculation. Yours
The question is: How did you get the opportunity to sink Israeli ships? Off the coast of Israel? There seems to be no Iranian navy? So off the coast of Iran? And what do Israeli ships do there?

they are the real fascists!

Fool, you, Irakla.

Edward Who are you? What school did you study in and in which country? Where "alas, your level of development is poor and monotonous" are you talking about?

The Jews came to a foreign land, and staged a genocide of the indigenous Arabs. They learned from the fascists.

Alas, the level of your development is poor and monotonous so be patient love your enemies and despise your friends and admirers This is your vile lot

The peace-loving state does not need warships, so they are eliminated or eliminated by the state.

Russians surrounds lies! How is this not Iran? only not long ago They threatened to erase Israel from the world map ... And you have no motive.
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In any case, good news.

Is it true or fantasy?