A state of emergency has been declared at 150 US military bases - thousands of military contaminated with coronavirus

A state of emergency has been declared at one and a half hundred American military bases - thousands have already been ill.

According to official data, a state of emergency has been declared at 150 US military bases located in 41 states due to the active spread of coronavirus infection among military personnel and command. At the moment, tests show the fact that we can talk about thousands of infected people, and given the close contact of military personnel, in the coming days the number of infected can increase to several tens of thousands.

“150 military bases in 41 states were affected by the coronavirus, according to new information. The Pentagon said Tuesday that the Armed Forces had exceeded 3000 infections, which more than doubled the number of people diagnosed with coronavirus in less than a week. The scale of the geographical spread of infection among the military in the United States echoes the situation among civilians, and also shows few signs of weakening. The continued spread of coronavirus among military personnel, both in the United States and at bases in other countries, halted all minor movements, interrupted recruited and basic training, and led to virtually stopped large-scale activities. It also led to draconian secrecy, justified by the need to maintain operational security. But this privacy policy is currently receiving strong rebuffs, both from the communities around military bases and from the legislators. According to the latest data from the US Department of Defense, 2120 men and women in uniform gave a positive result for the COVID-19 virus. The United States Navy was hit hardest, followed by the army, air force, and finally, the Marine Corps. The civilians working in the department make up the second largest group after those in uniform, followed by military dependents, and then private contractors working at military facilities. ”- сообщает "Newsweek".

It should be clarified that the Pentagon still refuses to respond to the mass infection of US troops, which could lead to a large-scale death of US troops.