At the Belbek airfield near a military aircraft ammunition exploded

At the Belbek airfield, the plane rolled out of the runway - there was a partial detonation of the ammunition.

Residents of Crimea reported powerful explosions that thundered on the territory of the Belbek airfield. As journalists managed to find out, the military plane skidded off the runway, as a result of which it had a partial detonation of ammunition. The pilot managed to eject, but at the moment nothing is known about his condition.

“Extraordinary situation at Belbek airfield. According to rescuers, the plane skidded off the runway during landing and caught fire. The fire brigade is currently on the scene. The aircraft during landing went beyond the runway, there was a partial explosion of ammunition. The pilot managed to evacuate. The fire was quickly extinguished, the airfield was not damaged.- said Mikhail Razvozhaev.

On the video frames, you can see that the explosion of ammunition was quite strong, as reported by casual witnesses of the emergency.

What kind of ammunition was carried by the combat aircraft is unknown, however, according to a number of sources, we can also talk about the MiG-31 fighter, some versions of which are designed to launch the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, but, nevertheless, there are no official statements on this there is no account from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation yet.


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