A top-secret sixth-generation fighter was spotted at an American military base

The United States is close to adopting sixth generation fighters.

An unusual aircraft was discovered at a US military airbase, which in its appearance almost completely resembles a previously published conceptual project of a sixth generation fighter. It is noteworthy that the picture of the plane, and later the video, was taken at the so-called "Plant 42", located in the Mojave Desert, where the latest secret American weapons are being tested.

In the presented image, you can see a clear similarity between the already built aircraft design and the conceptual version of the sixth generation fighter. Some doubts are caused by the absence of a pronounced cockpit of the aircraft, as well as its relatively small dimensions.

Nevertheless, it may well be a question of an unmanned version, since for combat aircraft of the sixth generation, it is mandatory to have a manned and unmanned version. In addition, there are suggestions that we can talk about a model aimed at passing tests at a secret complex.

At the same time, experts say that the United States is very seriously approaching the implementation of the project of the sixth generation fighter, and although the development of the sixth generation fighter is underway in Russia, at the moment there is no information about the Russian version of the new generation fighter.

And it's good that there is no information. This is correct, and it should be.

And who allowed the top-secret fighter to be removed?

Well, why not. Millions of minds work for the US military throughout Europe. Moreover, there are unique ones. Moreover, the Americans do not consider the dough for this.
The only question is whether there will be hundreds of them and not the only one for pumping out the dough from US senators. Here the dog is buried.

Similar in size to a drone