Air Base Khmeimim


Six unknown fighters discovered at the Khmeimim airbase

Six unknown fighters have been spotted at a Russian military airbase in Syria.

Satellite images of the Russian military airbase "Khmeimim" in Syria have puzzled military analysts, as six unknown fighters were seen in the photographs. According to preliminary data, we are talking about the MiG-29 fighters, however, the Russian Aerospace Forces did not use and do not use these combat aircraft in the Arab Republic, which raises a number of questions.

In the presented satellite image, you can see six fighters located at the western parking lot of the Khmeimim airfield, while two fighters have the Syrian Air Force color scheme, while four more combat aircraft have a monochrome gray color - earlier the MiG-29 fighters with this color were seen over the territory of Libya.

There are no official comments on this yet, however, a few days ago, AMN reported on a new batch of fighters that were transferred by the Russian military to the Syrian Air Force, although there is no confirmation of this either from the Russian or the Syrian defense departments.

Earlier, sources in Damascus reported that the Syrian MiG-29s were flying to the borders of Libya to support the LNA forces.

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What is "unknown" here! These are MiG-29s transferred to the Syrian Air Force.

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unknown fighters and it is not known how they got there. this speaks of the quality of their radar (nato) since they could not notice them. radar did not see them means they are not. let them calm down it seemed.

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The best comment from Peskov is "I don't know."
So hz. what are these planes and how did they end up at our base! The wind skidded at night ...

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That is, it was found already in the parking lot. Not how they flew. From nowhere flew ... - an enchantingly correct admission of the complete failure of the vaunted amerskoy system of tracking the sky. Blinked stupidly ...

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