Strange underground shelters for air defense systems spotted at Khmeimim airbase

The Russian airbase in Syria was equipped with underground camouflaged shelters.

Satellite images of the Russian military airbase "Khmeimim" indicate that the territory of the Russian military facility is likely to be equipped with underground camouflaged shelters for equipment and air defense equipment. Structures resembling trenches, camouflaged from reconnaissance aircraft and space satellites, were spotted at once in several parts of the Russian military airfield. This is probably due to the inadmissibility of obtaining information about the defense of the Khmeimim airbase by the enemy forces.

On the presented satellite images, one can see that from the territory of a number of objects located at the Russian military airbase "Khmeimim" in the Syrian province of Latakia, there are indeed "passages to nowhere." According to preliminary data, air defense means are based here, which, in the event of a threat, immediately take their positions.

“In a number of videos and on publicly available monitoring resources, it was previously possible to see that Russian air defense systems are in the open air. The enemy could easily take advantage of this, and, probably, it was decided to ensure a thorough camouflage of air defense systems ", - the expert marks.

To what extent the presented data correspond to reality is still unknown.