Air Base Khmeimim


A very strange aircraft was spotted at the Russian Aerospace Forces airbase in Syria

A very strange aircraft has been spotted at a Russian military airbase in Syria.

The emerging satellite images of the Russian military airbase "Khmeimim" attracted close attention after an unknown aircraft was seen on them, which, in fact, is not in service with Russia and Syria. According to a number of assumptions, we are talking about a new drone, although there is no official confirmation of this fact yet.

In the presented photograph, you can see the aircraft itself, which is a cross between an unmanned aerial vehicle and a light-engine aircraft, however, the circumstances of its appearance on the territory of a Russian military airfield are still unknown.

In turn, Western experts have speculations that we are talking about the DA42 aircraft used by the Russian FSB, although there is no information about the reasons for its appearance here so far.

“A fresh satellite image of the recently expanded Khmeimim airbase in Syria, the main center of Russian military aviation in that country, revealed an unusual visitor: a sample of the Austrian-designed Diamond DA42 twin-engined light aircraft. In addition to being a popular private jet and training aircraft, it has also been adapted to the level of a reconnaissance aircraft, and its operator is almost certainly the Russian Federal Security Service, also known by the acronym FSB. "- сообщает The Drive edition.

It is known that the satellite image was taken on February 26, 2021.

Isn't it a pathology, when Western experts were shaken by only one type of Austrian diamond?