At an air show in the UK, MiG-29 performed an incredible vertical takeoff

The MiG-29 fighter captivated viewers with vertical take-off.

Multipurpose Fighter Pilots MiG-29 captivated audiences the world's largest military air show «Royal International Air Tattoo» not just take off with a small runway, but almost vertical ascent.

As can be seen from the video materials presented, the aircraft was able not only to take off quickly enough, but almost immediately after taking off from the surface of the runway, it was established in a vertical position and quickly gained altitude. Technically, this technique is quite difficult, even for highly qualified and experienced pilots, since any actions must be carefully coordinated in order to avoid an emergency.

Pilots rarely demonstrate such techniques, however, this trick performed at the Royal International Air Tattoo air show, according to expert opinion, really deserves positive criticism. in turn specifies that a few months ago, a similar takeoff was made on the passenger airliner Boeing 787, which also caused a storm of emotions in numerous viewers.


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