Fighter-bomber crashed on airshow in UK

In the crash of the fighter-bomber in the UK, killing seven people.

Plane crash occurred today during an air show in one of the counties in West Sussex, at the same time as it became known news agency, even, at least two people taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

The plane crash occurred during the execution of the "Loop" figure, while, according to the first testimonies of the pilot, who managed to eject a few moments before the plane collided with the ground, there was a control failure in the aircraft, but the investigators have their own assumptions about this. an error of the pilot, who did not calculate either the height of the loop and the speed of the aircraft.

According to local media outlets, the plane crashed onto a highway, and almost immediately several cars were rammed, in which there were people. The arrival of rescuers to the crash site was hampered by a traffic jam, while experts do not exclude that it was due to such a combination of circumstances that there were so many victims.


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