Bali opens FBO from ExecuJet Aviation.


Bali opens FBO from ExecuJet Aviation.

18 October ExecuJet Aviation Group announced that it is going to open a new terminal for servicing business aviation flights to Bali (Indonesia island).

The company already had a terminal with an area of ​​300 sq.m., but after the introduction of the new facility, the area will be increased to 3180 sq.m. Also near the terminal there will be an apron on 65900 sq.m.

FBO ExecuJet will offer a variety of services for business operators and private owners. Thanks to the technical capabilities of the whole complex, it will be possible to service all types of vessels.

In Indonesia, FBO in Bali is the first business terminal. According to experts, the transportation market in Indonesia is promising. A large number of flights are performed in the interests of tourists.

 "The launch of our FBO in Bali is the first and real step towards creating a network of our aviation complexes in Indonesia. We consider Indonesia a strategically important place for our expansion in the Southeast Asian market and hope that our customers will appreciate the high level of services provided by ExecuJet Aviation. services ", - comments in ExecuJet Aviation.