On the basis of TsAGI, they plan to create a research national center


On the basis of TsAGI, they plan to create a research national center

At a meeting on January 21, 2014, the Duma Industry Committee approved the draft law "On the National Research Center" "Institute named after N.Ye. Zhukovsky." and supported its adoption. Commenting on this decision, the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Industry, Vladimir Gutenev, First Vice President of the Union of Machine Builders of Russia, said that the creation of such a center fully complies with the instructions of the President of Russia on the priority development of the high-tech domestic industry sector, which also includes the Russian aviation industry. ...

In this context, the deputy believes, the Center has very important functions. Among them is the forecasting of technological and scientific development in terms of aircraft construction and participation in the formation of a scientific and technical state policy for the development of the aircraft industry, scientific support for the introduction and development of new technologies in the field of aircraft construction, research, preparation of proposals for coordinating the work of various organizations, in order to implement major innovative projects , Participation in the training of scientific personnel.

"Consolidation under the auspices of the Center of scientific organizations, which has almost the entire range of competencies in the field of aviation, into one system will allow it to focus on the implementation and development of truly breakthrough large-scale projects. And this is exactly what our industry desperately needs in today's difficult conditions " - considers Gutenev.

TsAGI named after Professor N. Ye. Zhukovsky has already prepared its own view on the prospects of aviation for the next decade, within its framework, areas related to engine building, new aircraft layouts, and avionics will be developed. They are considering the possibility of introducing international interesting projects into life. Among them - the design of a civilian hypersonic apparatus, the project of an electric aircraft, technologies for the formation of mesh load-bearing structures from composite materials. The development and modernization of aviation for light-engine aviation and regional air transportation is still relevant.

Vladimir Gutenev also noted that the State Corporation Rostek is already implementing a project to design air cars made of polycompozitnyh materials with passenger capacity of nine to nineteen seats. Manufacture is organized together with the Austrian companies on manufacture of motor-gliders and planes of aviation of general purpose. "Of particular importance in this regard is the goal of creating the Center in terms of using its technical and scientific results for the purpose of developing other areas of the country's economy. This will make it possible not only to expand its experience to scientific branch centers, but also will make a good contribution to the formation of a technological and scientific breakthrough in the entire domestic industry. Moreover, in terms of the main founder of the Center, and, hence, the shaper of the state task on the basis of the long-term plan for the development of aviation technologies and science, the Russian government will become"- said the deputy, who emphasized that in the case of implementation of the approaches laid down in the bill from the National Research Aviation Center" Institute named after N.Ye. Zhukovsky ", one can expect global competitiveness.