A tanker with oil products from Novorossiysk arrived at the US Navy base

The imposition of sanctions against Russian oil by Western countries raises questions about their effectiveness, since the same countries that imposed the restrictions are circumventing them. This applies, in particular, to the United States, which continues to directly purchase Russian oil.

An example of this is the situation with the tanker, which last month sailed from Novorossiysk to Norfolk, the US Navy base. The tanker was carrying 50 thousand tons of Russian oil products, which is confirmed by data from monitoring resources tracking the movement of sea vessels.

The tanker AVENCA, flying the Liberian flag but owned by the German transport company Chemikalien Seetransport GmbH (CST), left Novorossiysk on November 13 and arrived in Norfolk on December 7. This event attracted attention, given that from February 5, 2023, Western countries imposed an embargo on Russian petroleum products. The European Union has banned the purchase of Russian oil for member countries, as well as the transportation of oil by its tankers.

Consequently, US actions to purchase Russian oil directly call into question the effectiveness and consistency of the sanctions policy imposed by Western countries against Russia.


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